Copyright Act provides legal protection to the author's work. Like patent protects the inventor's design, copyright protects image reproduction of a motive. Showing respect for the author's work is a matter of course for any serious image buyers. To always ask first is a good rule of thumb.

Copyright rules apply to both analog and digital use. To always ask first therefore also when an image is used for example on the internet / intranet or on a CD. This small guide gives only a brief guide on copyright law. It does not claim to answer all the questions accurately in smallest detail. Do you have concerns, always contact one of the professional associations.

What is the difference between image and original?

With image means different types of images such as photographs, drawings, illustrations and collages. Original means the picture that the author delivers.

Things to remember as a buyer

What do I buy?

When you order an image, you buy the right to use it in a specific context. All other use rights and copyright is always the authors.

Who owns the image?

Ownership of the delivered image is always the authors. If you wish to keep the image exclusively a special agreement is required with the author. Contact our customer service if you wish to set up such an agreement.

How can the image be used?

An image may only be used in the context that has been agreed with the author. This applies, for example, a particular type of print, size or publication on a homepage on the internet for a certain time. Should any changes occur after the agreement, the author must be contacted.

Can i re-use an Image?

As soon as an image to is be re-used, the author must be contacted. Remember that re-using can mean new compensation.

Can the image be altered?

No changes may be made to the image without the author's permission. This applies to retouching, digital manipulation or other methods. Cropping the image is allowed as long as it's content is not distorted. The author must be familiar with cropping in advance. In editorial- and information contexts the name shall be included, in advertising context, the name should be included.

How long is the image protected?

Exclusive copyright to the image is valid until 70 years after the author's death. A photographic image that is not regarded as works is instead protected 50 years after the production year. To be considered effective, the image must have a certain individuality, originality and individuality. This means that two people, independently of each other; should not be able to produce the same image.

Can I make new copies?

New copies of the picture may not be produced without the author's permission, whether in newspapers, printed matter or photocopies or internet / intranet etc.

Source: Swedish photographers association